Update 5.5.2021


It’s still cold. But it blooms and blooms.

The plant fair is canceled … due to Corona ……

Now it is out. We dare to do something. We build the fire extinguishing well ourselves. DIY. Clearly will get some advice … sometimes we are somewhat smart … ..and so we’re collecting now. We will need 8000 euros for the pump, pipe, electrics and hydrants.

And for every fifty bucks donation we plant a tree … yuhuu

And we continue to collect, for issues such as the fire rubble disposal, the electrics, the roof and the fire extinguishing well, all that has to be done.

As a reminder

Shortly before the 2019 winter solstice, the roof structure of our main building burned down completely. We continue to face greater challenges, both financially and professionally. Expertise and helping hands are definitely required. Monetary and announced material donations are also very welcome.

GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
IBAN DE87430609670043725300
Kennwort: Spende

Many Thanks

to numerous supporters of our project, many people are at our side with action and financial support. Helping hands, services at small prices, grants, monetary donations and material donations have brought us a long way forward. We thank everyone and every single helping hand.

We were supported by so many, such as:

die Wohntat, die Rigaerstr.78, Cafe Libertad,

Netzwerk Selbsthilfe e.V. Berlin, the political support fund has been supporting and advising left-wing, alternative initiatives and self-governing groups in Berlin and Brandenburg for 30 years with the money and donations from its members.

The Zahrener SummerVibes, the best festival ever!

Provitreff from Z├╝rich

The Naturbauhof founded our this year’s maintenance as a gift

Attention: Due to the current regulations, triggered by the corona virus, we are currently not receiving any guests!

For help offers, please contact us by email or our contact form.

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